Lifetime Funerals

What does it cost?

Our aim at Lifetime Funerals is to provide personalises low cost funerals. We will provide you with a close estimate based on what is discussed at our initial meeting.

There are generally five main costs associated with a funeral. These are:

  • Professional Service Fees: The planning associated with the coordination of funeral arrangements, as well as staff cost.
  • Transport and Mortuary Fees: This includes the transportation of your loved one into our care and transportation on the day of the service, as well as care and body preparation in our mortuary facility and the cost associated with the medical certificates.
  • Coffin or Casket: This is an individual choice with prices dependant on construction, colour, quality, finish and style. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality for the cheapest price.
  • Cemetery or Cremation Fees: As set by individual cemeteries and crematoria.
  • Disbursements: These are the costs that we pay on your behalf and include things like notifications in the paper or on the radio, clergy and church costs, flowers, music, catering, or cremation urns.

Skie and the team at Lifetime Funerals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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