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What to do when someone dies

If you have discovered someone that has passed away at home, the first thing to do is call 000 and ask for an ambulance. The ambulance officers will arrive and assess the situation and decide who needs to be notified of the death. One of two things happens next: either the ambulance officers call the police and the death will be referred to the coroners, or the ambulance officers contact a doctor who will declare the person as deceased. A Cause of Death Certificate will then be issued. Once a Cause of Death Certificate has been issued, your loved one then goes into the care of a Lifetime Funerals.

What to do when someone dies…

When someone dies in hospital or a nursing home, the nursing staff will be able to guide you. They will arrange for a doctor to issue a Medical Certificate of Death which will be provided to us at Lifetime Funerals. Once the necessary paperwork has been filled in, you or the staff at the nursing home or hospital can contact us. If possible, you should advise the hospital or nursing home if the funeral is to be a cremation, as this will allow them time to arrange for the necessary extra documentation to be completed. You will also need to consider if any jewellery or belongings are to remain with your loved one or if they are to be returned to you. When someone dies suddenly or unexpectedly, it is normal for the coroner to be involved to establish the cause of death. There is no need to be concerned by this, but the coroner will usually have procedures to follow. The coroner is represented by the Coroner’s Officer, whose role is to liaison between the coroner, us here at Lifetime Funerals and yourself. If you have any questions or would like to clarify any of the information above the best thing to do is contact us on 1300 464 007.

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